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OIL, ACRYLIC AND PASTEL PAINTINGS You can buy my original painting. A prices and shipping information you can see in sections "OIL PAINTINGS: FOR SALE & ON ORDER" and "PASTELS etc. (Vilnius)". CERTIFIED AUTHOR'S COPY You can also order author’s copies of artworks. The author's copy will be of the same format as the original; written in the same colors and with the same hand. But the price of such a copy will be much lower than the price of the original. For each artwork, original or copy, will be attached a certificate of authenticity with my signature and stamp of my individual enterprise. How it works? You choose a painting, write to me, make an prepayment of €70 (for oil paintings) or €40 (for pastels) and I create and send you an author's copy. At your request, I can send you report about stage of the work. When the picture is ready (and dry enough), you will transfer the remainder of the amount plus the shipping fee, and I will immediately send you a painting. Details on the terms and conditions of delivery you can see in sections "OIL PAINTINGS: FOR SALE & ON ORDER" and "PASTELS etc. (Vilnius)". Welcome!))

Местоположение:Ukmerge, Lithuania / Lisbon, Portugal
Телефон:+370 60618257

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